Good morning! Before I get started with my day, I thought I'd try Weebly on the "big computer" (i.e. my video computer--it's newer so I thought maybe some of these changes might work better over here...)

I am going to spray soda apples today. Here's why--some of them are getting ready to drop their seeds. I can't very well dig anymore until we get the ones in the burn hole burned--and it's been too wet and the plants are still soggy (not so grand for burning). In fact, I had a thistle that I dug one day; the next day it was still rigid and green!

This morning I intend to go through my Narration and look at my footage and kind of map some of it know: this shot to that paragraph and part of this shot with that paragraph.

After lunch I'll spray soda apples and then hopefully ride Snip again this afternoon. It took the usual 30 minutes to get the bit in him (I'm a bit stiff from that yesterday). After riding I changed the bits out because the one I've been using isn't wide enough for him. He kept getting the side shaft between his teeth (NOT good). (Maybe...just maybe that's why when after I switched headstalls he started to throw his head like a idgit.)


(So it did work over here...maybe all the changes were complete...I'll try again on the other computer and see if it works....)

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