Hmmm...Weebly's done a few changes here again...I'll have to get used to it. I don't seem to be able to erase anything in the title line...forgive that final 'r'. I was attempting to write something that sort of gave you the idea of how a mower sounds...

I went over to our place this morning and mowed. Before I actually started mowing though, I picked up a few sticks and threw them over the fence. I also got a stick and lifted Jake-no-shoulders out of the pool. He kept attacking the stick...I also noticed he was beating his tail on the floor; like a rattlesnake.

At first I wondered why the Kubota didn't seem to be cutting as well as I thought it should. I remembered all of a sudden that I should speed up the engine's rmps...that REALLY helped. The only disaster was when I ran into the gate...I bent it out of shape some more, broke my watch, and bruised my wrist. Also, I wasn't sure I was going to get unstuck from around the RV tent, but I made it after a lot of backward/forwards stuff. I raked up the really nice grass from over the septic finger and pitched to the cows. Strawberry didn't seem to interested in it somehow.

Speaking of cows, Snowflake is springing! Her bag is starting to expand and her volva (did I spell that right, Daddy?) is swelling. I think I'd better be poking in on her fairly often at this point--it's her first calf and she's kind of small. Prancy is filling out and Socks looks a lot better. The Captain and Strawberry also look good. The grass is green :)

I got back here about 12:30 to be informed that Granddaddy's mower was ready at the shop and so after I ate lunch and had my coffee, we went to get it. He is now mowing. He took a break when it poured down rain for 10-20 minutes. I was just fixing to walk out the door to go ride Snip when it started to rain. I still think I'll go's not 3:30 yet and that lazy rascal needs to be ridden. Pray that he'll take the bit without too much of  a fight...


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