That sounds rather cliche, but even though the day hasn't been really rushed or anything it fits. I got off to a strange start this morning since I had a 8:15 doctor's appointment. I suspected that I would get another x-ray, but I didn't. All the doctor did was come in the room, sit down and ask a few question and give me another therapy prescription. Since his office is right next door to the therapy place, I popped in there to ask if I could get two appointments this week rather than just the one that was scheduled...done. (They are nice in there.) Next week I need to go three times a week. Daddy and I got home about the time everyone else was finishing breakfast :)

For the last hour or so, Mama and I have been taking down the Christmas stuff. It's not done yet but I needed a snack, so I'm taking a short break. I don't know how much stuff is left to pack up, but I'll go help in a bit.

It's weird how being out of the house in the morning makes the rest of the day seem kind of funny...


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