I'll start with yesterday. Snip did not want to take the bit. After a while of me trying, he decided he was going to lift his head as high as he could and start backing up. Smart...

Because of how I put the bit in his mouth (arm over his head between his ears) and the restriction of my brace, when he lifted his head and backed up I was lifted off my feet and ended up landing on my back with my feet in the air. I'm sure it it looked very funny :) I am very thankful that there is a large sand patch there and that it is nice and soft; otherwise I very likely would have been in a lot of pain. Anyway, I hopped up and after attempting to brush some of the sand out of  my brace and hand, I went back to trying to poke that bit in my horse's determined mouth. The next thing I know, I'm being shoved backwards and twisting around to one side! How did that happen!? Believe it or not, when Snip backed up and lifted his head this time, he pulled the post that he was tied to out of the ground! The rope slipped off of it which accounts for the twisting...he was turning, trying to get rid of the metal against his teeth. Needless to say, I was getting somewhat peeved. Two bad days in a row with the bit is not very encouraging.

Today I went out to the pens and snared Snip. After tying him up I went and got the bridle. I usually put the saddle on first, but I wanted to get the bit in as soon as possible and leave it there for as long as possible (training thing). It took a few minutes, but overall, compared to the previous couple of days, he took the bit like a gentleman. Maybe it helped that I sweet-talked him through the entire process :) We actually galloped today. I am pleased with how well I'm holding my seat. By the way, I'm making no bones about hanging on to the saddle horn at this point either. Once he's acting better and I've got my legs back more, I'll probably let up on that 'crutch'.  I'm not too keen on the idea of spilling off again:) Particularly since break #1 is still in the healing stage :)

I ate a couple of oranges after we were done while Snip chomped down on his oats. He's so funny...when the food is coming he paces back and forth voicing his desires...I can't spell that noise, sorry. (I can make the noise though...I cannot whinny however; that escapes me.)

Have a lovely evening; I have to go finish doing Grandpa's eye drops.


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