I got to play lawn mower mechanic again this afternoon. The deck belt came off when I was about half way done with the yard. So I stopped, turned the engine off and put the belt back on (which is very stretched out.) After that the mower wouldn't crank. (I mean, it spun like crazy, but didn't actually take.) So, I took the thing down--all the way down to removing the starter. Then I put it back together. (You do know I like to disassemble and reassemble things by now, don't you?)

At one point I rolled the thing up the ramps so I could check the drive belt--which was nice and tight. I wasn't sure I was going to get the thing up there, but subbornness overcame gravity.

I got on the mower again and it started. All of sudden it puttered out on me again. I realized after a moment of frenzied 'trying-to-keep-this-thing-running' activity, that I had forgotten to turn that little knob on the fuel line back on!! I felt kind of stupid, but afterall, I've never used a mower that has a fuel line cut off like this before.
I finished the yard and started on the driveway. The belt came off again...so I put it back on. This time I got the engine cranked without taking it down :D Minutes later, the belt came off again. WAH! My "brand new" old mower needs a belt!! 
Oh well, at least  I did get the yard itself mowed; although I didn't get the driveway done. I certainly had fun getting nasty with mower grease. You should have seen my face when I came in! I have no idea how I got that much smut on it! (Actually I do...it probably came off my gloves--which were on and off ((because the engine was hot))--and my hair kept getting in my eyes; which of course means I kept shoving it out of my face. I assure you, I removed my hat early on--no use getting it any dirtier than it is. It's already beat up and bent up and gray-ish from dirt, but I still try to keep it looking half-way decent!)

Ah! The joys of life! ; D


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