No...even though that was the plan. I put the Kubota on the charger this morning, then spent the majority of the day doing something else. 

The most exciting thing was cutting some plastic panels to go up in the kitchen. We replaced the old yellowed plastic cover over the florescent bulbs along the length of the kitchen ceiling. 

Mama had bought some supposedly 24x24 inch panels at Lowe's last night, but they turned out a couple inches shorter than that each side. So...we went to Do it Best where they had some that only needed to be cut in half. As we walked in, I looked up to see a familiar face! "Hello, Mr. Ricky!" 

While Mama went on about the shopping, I stood and talked to Mr. Ricky about cows for a few minutes. It's pretty cool to go to town and run into people you actually's something of a new experience for me. 

When checking out, the lady behind the counter addressed me by my first name. That too was kind of funny. I guess I've used the credit card in there enough that they know my name! :D

We got home and I cut the panels and Mama put them up. Then we went back over to our place. I attempted to crank the tractor. Nothin'. Didn't even turn over. So...I got the car, hooked it up, and tried that way. No go. 

I ended up removing the battery (that was a rather interesting job--I couldn't find the right sized wrench for the longest time.) Tomorrow, I will get a new one--and hopefully, a roll of hay for my cows. 


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