The Murry mower actually ran you may know, that mower doesn't like running. I tried to start it last week and it didn't even grunt. After talking a walk through the heifer patch and horse lot this morning, soaking my jeans up past my knees and my boots and socks straight through, looking for Snip's wayward halter (which I did not find), I went to the barn.

I first took the cover off the Murry and eyeballed the engine--nothing looked wrong (like I would know anyway!), so I called Daddy and then I proceeded to take his advice. Once I put the cover back on and some gas in, I pushed the Murry out, ran to the house and got my keys, and brought the pick-up over. Then I hooked the jumper cables up. My attempt at grounding the negative cable was not sucessful at first because I hooked it to the mower deck. I called Daddy again and hooked it to the battery. Then, I took the positive jumper cable and put it to the bolt holding the cable into the starter, sparks flew and the engine started roaring to life. I jumped back and it puttered out. I am SO very thankful that I moved when I did, because my left foot was partially under the mower deck--and the blades were engaged!!! For some reason (providence!), I decided to check whether the blades were engaged before I tried starting the mower again...and I was horrified to see that they were! (You can tell by looking at the belt.) Anyway, I tried again, messing with that oh-so-stiff choke, and this time it stayed on!

I jumped on and started mowing. Shortly thereafter, I ran the deck into part of the fallen tree's root and it bent it under. The blade was rubbing on the deck so I disengaged the blades, dashed back to the barn, grabbed a pair of pliers and dashed back. I ended up actually using my hands more than the pliers to bend the deck back out, but I'm glad I had them anyway. I stuffed them into my back pocket and went back to mowing.

I didn't completely finish around the downed tree, but I did get behind the barn done before moving off to take care of the driveway--which REALLY needed mowing. By the time I got done with the north side, I had what I call 'the spider-creeps'. I confess, I did yell a couple times when colliding with spider webs. I didn't have my hat on (it would have been raked off even if I had) and I didn't even have my bandana on, so I was really rather paranoid about getting those ugly eight-legged critters in my hair.

I was almost done mowing (by now on the south side of the drive) when I ran out of gas. (I had put some in before I tried starting the machine and was going to finish filling the tank if I got it started, but what with the sparks flying and the excitment of getting it going, I forgot...) I pulled my cellphone out of my back pocket and called Savannah. "I'm out of gas! Will you bring some down to me in the truck?" Of course and she did.

While pouring gas into the mower, the UPS man drove by and we waved and he honked...we rather know who each other are a little better now after finding each other attending last weeks SCV meeting :D

Anyway, I got the mower running again, using the jumper cables and the starter (bypassing the ignition switch--which apparently is bad). I finished mowing shortly thereafter. Because the yard itself doesn't need to be mowed I went ahead and put the mower away. (Besides, with the way the deck is broken and tied up, attempting to mow the yard would rather be a waste of just reaches the tops of the seed heads.)

As soon as I got the mower shut off, I rushed into the house and showered--we needed to be out the door headed for my chiropractor appointment--fast! Savannah fixed me a plate and I ate lunch on the way down. Thankfully, we weren't late. I got cracked and now we're home...and it still feels/looks like it is going to rain.'s time to go pick and grin :) See ya later!


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