Actually, that would be pretty painful...
I've been busy with my nose poked in front of the computers today. I read, then type. Read, then type. Rear back in my chair and think...type some more. Rub my chin, scratch my head, and type some more. Grab a book and filp to the Index--a quick look up on something in particular. Have a thought flash through my mind--I'll catch that on the next go around because I already forgot what it was...type...type...type...

Hmmm...I think the next step my be to print off my six pages and subject a sister or two to a painful half hour or so of listening to me reading my narration. More scribbles on paper will certainly be called for. I'm having fun! Can you tell?

I'm about ready to leave the computer for the day though...I get burned out looking a screen for hours on end. I borrowed "Warrior's of Honor" from church so I could watch it and try to learn from it. (I've seen it a couple of times already, so I figured I could hang on to watching/listening to the way it was put together better than if I was watching something I had never seen before.) Maybe I'll do that tomorrow...or not.

Anyway, I think I'll head out of here in thirty minutes or so to go ride Snip. Maybe the sore hip can take a lope today. A trot was fine yesterday although I will admit we mostly just walked. (And, as usual when he has a string of days off, Snip was somewhat non-cooperative.)


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