I was working a word-search entitled 'At the Horse Show' and that was the last word I found before I put it down for the time-being.

An interesting word--Obedience. Not just for people training horses, who find out real fast that obedience is very necessary for a safe and non-stressful ride. 

What is it? Obedience could be said to be doing what we are told. I would add to that, obedience is also a duty. Not just obedience to anybody or anything--but obedience to Right and Truth--ultimately obedience to GOD.

It isn't just the God-fearing who owe such obedience to God either. ALL MEN (men being mankind) OWE OBEDIENCE TO GOD. Why? Because HE is GOD. HE is CREATED all of us. HE ORDAINS ALL OF LIFE. HE is SOVEREIGN.

Now, as we all know, NONE of us can be obedient to the extent we may desire. (I don't know about you, but Christian though I am, I still sin knowingly...sometimes even purposely--it feels so good to blow up sometimes :[ ) So, what can we do?

We of ourselves can do NOTHING AT ALL! CHRIST FULFILLED THE LAW (the moral requirements as well as the copies and shadows of the ceremonial law) FOR HIS ELECT. When Christ died upon the cross, HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS was IMPUTED to US and OUR FILTHY EVILNESS--our SIN--was IMPUTED to HIM!! Wonder of wonders--the third person of our AWESOME triune GOD died for US--we who did nothing to deserve it. HE DIED FOR US WHILE WE STILL HATED HIM HEART AND SOUL!! What more can I say--we OWE HIM OBEDIENCE. That's it. Even then, we must rely on HIM to GIVE that obedience to us!

Do you desire to live your life to the glory of God? I do. Do I? I don't know if I can answer that question. Certainly I do not live my life to the glory of God the extent I should. Does any of it bring glory to Him? I hope so.

Obedience...a duty...a gift.

Sola Deo Gloria!


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