You know, when I started my blog, I fully intended on writing many more posts than I have on theological subjects. For instance, every time I read Titus 2, "I am going to do a post on this!" Has it happened yet? No. Why? Well, partially because there is usually some other tale to tell. Partially because without sitting down and writing a paper, my theological thought processes live up to my blog's name of "Ramblings". Now, I'm not stupid (but neither am I the most intelligent young woman), and I do know what I think even if I have trouble expressing in clearly in few words (without spending hours on it like I would an essay). In the long run, I really think that is why I don't do theological posts very often--and when I do, they are usually spur of the moment and not very clear.

In my day to day writing about the excitment of mundane life (ah, to live in a state on normal abnormalacy! :D), I never try to hide my faith, but neither do I spill it somewhat soppily over these pages. I believe that I come to life from a Christian worldview, but the constant 'godly' wording doesn't fall out of my mouth in real life, so I don't use it in my writing. Perhaps it should; however, I don't think one has to use 'pious' speech in order to demonstrate their faith in Christ. (And please don't get me wrong I'm not thumbing my nose at people who do use what I have here termed 'pious speech'.) I wonder sometimes how long someone could read my blog without guessing that I'm a Christian....

Overarching everything I do is a sense that our loving and just heavenly Father is supreme and sovereign over all. That is one of the reason that I burst into laughter after sneezing, which causes me to yell in pain--sneezing makes my fractured collarbone hurt! :D

I am fully aware that my plans for the day can be switched at the drop of a hat--and God has ordained it as such. I am learning to 'roll with the punches' on you may know, I've never been keen on having my plans overturned or disrupted--it has always frustrated me.

I think the point of this post is something along these lines....though I seldom lay it out in the open here, I do think on theological subjects. Indeed, how often in the mornings while reading my scriptures do I engage in mock debates with invisible people?

However, if you will please excuse my cutting this short, it is 9:30 and I need to go feed the cats and Snip. Have a lovely (aka blessed) day!


9/7/2012 12:23:31 am

LOL, My Dear, your whole life has been rolling with the punches. Military kids do not know "normal" that is why they see the life a bit differently than their civilian peers, they know how to roll and to take the punches. And of course the past few years, you have been anything but settled into would grow bored and stagnant without some kind of daily upheaval. :^D

BTW, a nice post

9/10/2012 01:06:53 am

I would :) Life is always interesting--even if it just consists of staring at Moon-Bat with her tail hooked on the barbed wire :D


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