I finally got around to getting the pictures from last weekend...
Savannah and I on a trailer ride.
That's me between the cabbage trees; off to check targets.
The Snipers...
That last one is just a random picture of me...it has nothing to do with long-distance rifle shooting.
1/26/2012 12:26:28

Good representative shots of the perspective from the firing line, even though you weren't back there to see things this way. It was almost funny how you just disappeared down into that ditch!!! Then the radio call, "Check targets," and up would pop this little green dot with a big white hat bobbing over to the targets...then we hear the stats, and the little green and white girl would disappear off to the right again! (An observation: the landowner (not your Daddy) only referred to you as Daughter Number Two--never as Racheal....)

Also, notice the ubiquitous stack of books that can be seen behind you in the last photo?


P.S. I was a sniper, too...

1/27/2012 12:03:22

Hmm...Daughter Number Two. That sounds right coming from him :)
And, yes, you were a sniper too...I was going to use one of those pictures, but in my hurry it didn't happen :(


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