This is just intended to be a quick post...I have to run off here real soon.

As you may know, Savannah and I are planning on attending another reenactment this week so we have to get ready for that; along with other things.

Savannah is busy making ball gowns...I'll post pictures when they are done. I haven't been fitted yet, so needless to say, mine hasn't even been started.

My job this week will be to get EVERYTHING else ready and keep the food coming. :D On Tuesday we will be working least the W. brothers and I. Savannah asked if she could be excused since she MUST keep busy if she wants to get our dresses done. Therefore, as soon as I get this soup going, I will be headed for town to call on the feed stores (I'm also thinking about dropping through Beall's Outlet and seeing if I can buy some more socks. I'm wearing my out in record time.) I want to get a roll of hay for my well as some pellets. I want to get some pellets to lure Granddaddy's cows into the trap. Sooo....I have some town-hopping to do.

Tomorrow evening we have the local SCV meeting which we will of course go to. If Mr. A. doesn't ask me about it, I'm going to see if I can stand up and make a speech about the video project...I'm not 100% sure I know what I want to say, but I do want to update them on the extremely slow progress on that.

The other things I have to do is call the campground where we will be headed this weekend, repack the car, make sure we have everything, check and see if I can find out where/how/why the porta-potty was leaking, and iron some stuff. I'd better finish a letter or two I started over a week ago, too.

Anyway, I'd better get cracking!


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