What do they have in common? Yesterday.

I'll spare you the gory details of my morning and start post lunch. After taking care of the lunch dishes, I pointed my noise toward town. In the Republican presidential primaries we voted at the county offices, so I went there first. I knew that the Rodeo Grounds was one place to vote, but I didn't know if that was where I had to go or not. I went in and was standing there...obviously I looked like I didn't kow what I was doing, because the lady walking around in the lobby on  her cellphone asked if she could help me. She directed me to the Supervisors of Elections office down 'that' hall. I walked in, stated my plight, had to give my name and birthday  (I forgot to tack the year on to start with!), and was promptly told I had to go to the Rodeo Grounds. (The girl who works in there is kind of cute and perky...she smiles a lot.)

So, I hopped in my car (rather, Savannah's car) and headed for the Rodeo Grounds. I got there without getting lost :D I went in and I was talking to myself as I stepped through the door. Now, this is funny...one of the poll workers asked me, "Where you talking to yourself when you came in?" I laughed (along with everyone in the room--only poll workers) and admitted I had. "Welcome to the crowd." It certainly made my voting experience pleasant :) I like laughing.

I left after casting my vote--I'm glad to say that one of the men I voted for is HSLDA approved! There was a tabby hanging around outside the door that wanted to be petted, so I gave it a couple strokes before I left.

From there I went to Wal-Mart and got some banana's (poor Granddaddy had been out for several days--I think he ate 3-4 yesterday afternoon), milk, eggs, cheese, and onions. I almost always grab a sack of onions when I'm in there--we cook everything with onion.

Fast forward: It was POURING down rain when I dashed from the house to the car on my way to the SCV meeting last night. I'm glad that my umbrella was in the house (I had thought it was in the pick-up...a lot of good that was going to do me :D). Even then I got my skirt soaked in the few seconds that it took to seat myself, swing my legs in, close the umbrella, and slam the door. By the time I got to the A.'s it was just sprinkling. I met some very nice men last night. Other than myself and Mrs. A. there was one other lady--Dolly. I like her :) A little more on the rough side than Mrs. A. but nice all the same. After the meeting, she came up to me and said, "I've been staring at your hair the whole time...how do you do that?" Being myself, I grabbed my hair clips out of my hair, took the 'snappy' clips out of the top, shook it out and put it back up in demonstration. It is so much easier than attempting to explain: "You take this chunk in front, give it a half-twist, hold it in place with two of the clips...then take some from either side, give it a bit of twist, and hold it in place with the clips....Then tie the remainder of your hair in a knot and stick these jaw clips into it!" *grin* See what I mean?

I was told by Mr. A. to stand up and tell people who I was. I was already pretty comfortable in this group of fine Southern men, so I hopped up and really spent more time on the Cow Cavalry project than anything ;) My next interviewee was there so we talked a little bit...he's been real busy and it won't be for another couple weeks before he can be interviewed.

I even got to see a fella in Confederate uniform :) The eldest gentleman in the room was getting rid of his because he's not going to do anymore events where he dresses the part. So, the gent I was sitting next too, Billy, tried it on and came out for everyone to see...He bought it :) It fit him perfectly.  I put one of Mr. A.'s kepi's on my head. I didn't go look in a mirror or anything, but I was told that it looked good on me :) (You know, you can wear one of those things with a bun!)

I also spent a great deal of time talking to a Mr. S. They homeschool and his 13 year old daughter has an interest in filmmaking. So we talked about everything from home-education to filmmaking to boys/young men (lack of, mainly) to eschatology. I'm post-mil (had to admit I wasn't too sure about how post-millennialism handles the millennium--all the details) and he is pre-mil; but we could agree that God is Soveriegn. Mr. A. says he's pretty close to post-mil.  It was an awesome evening. I throughly enjoyed myself.

On my way home, on the home stretch, I was barreling down the road (going a little over the speed-limit. NO ONE does the speed-limit on that road anyway...) and out of nowhere I see this girl--who looked soaking wet--waving her hands in the air as though she was signaling me to stop. Well, I hit the brakes, but I didn't stop...my brain got to whirling. Here I was, a girl, by myself, at night--unarmed...nope, no stopping for me. I went on home. I almost cleared the house when I got home--Granddaddy was in bed with the door unlocked--but I didn't bother since anyone hiding in the house could have grabbed me before I even got to my bedroom where my gun is and as no one did I figured it was safe.

After taking my shower and as I settled in to Skype with my folks and after running my mouth for a while I mentioned the girl. Immediately, they told me to call the Sheriff's Office (now why didn't I think of that?) Finally, I got through after wasting my time calling (by accident) first the ambulence--thank-fully no one answered, then the city police who also didn't answer (not that they would have done me any good since we're not in-town), then finally the Sheriff's office non-emergency line. I gave the lady on the other end a discription of the girl and my best estimate of what time it had been. Oh yes, and I also mentioned the pick-up truck that had come up the driveway (it's a quarter mile!) and turned around in the front yard...

I was suffiently 'creeped' by this time. So after prayers when we all said good-night and the lights were out, I kept my snubbie in reach. I also did a little practice of how I could use my cellphone as a flashlight and shoot at the same time. I kept my finger off the trigger of course...

Not too long after going to bed and settling in with my door locked, I saw a flash. So, I sat up in bed and peeked out the window...sure enough, flashing police lights. I took the cardboard out of my window, grabbed my binoculars, propped up on the stone window sill, called my parents and gave them a play-by-play as I strained my eyes. (After all, I was looking through not just a dirty window, but a dirty screen with those binoculars--in the dark.) Must have been a car in the ditch--though I didn't really see any evidence of it when I poked out there this morning rotating the cows. (Speaking of which I still have at least two cows and a calf on this side of the fence. 'Bad Child'--so-called for her past fence breaking escapades--had her calf just moments before I came on her. She still had afterbirth hanging out her backside--I went in and got Granddaddy to come look--just in case she had a prolapse--and the calf hadn't gotten up yet. It was still wet.)

Anyway, I got back in bed around 12:15 this morning. If you can't guess, I kind of groggy today. I had a big day yesterday...


8/20/2012 06:27:32

discription =description...describe the man to me. Perhaps you are spending too much time with the local accent...

8/20/2012 13:07:28

Or...maybe I just don't know how to spell!


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