Well...it's pouring rain again, but we did get the cows wormed :D

Someplace around 3:30, the sun shining, Savannah and I headed across the creek with the blue liquid, one sack of mineral, and one sack of pellets. The girls were all over in the east pasture so we went over there. I turned the engine off, climbed into the back of the truck, hooked the squirt gun to the 'poison' bottle, and dumped 98% of the feed all around the bed of the truck. Then I hung the bottle on my left shoulder (which kind of bothered it, but the other way wouldn't have worked) and waited for the cows to start munching. Savannah lured Socks (who's preganant--obviously so) over with a pellet or two and shortly thereafter the other three girls meandered over. After a few unsuccessful attempts, I figured out how to get the worm medicine on their backs. I'd put on knee on the edge of pick-up, lean out just a bit, stick my arm out slowly, cocking the squirt gun upwards a little so that the liquid would arc. Presto! A wormed cow!

Next we had to discover where my dear Captain Abraham was hiding. We drove around a bit, but he was where I figured he might be...coming down the west side of the fence. Stupid as usual, he came toward us on the wrong side of the Uncle L fence. I had already dumped the remaining feed out. So, Savannah grabbed a couple handfulls of pellets and left him a trail. It took a bit and a few 'Hoo's from Abe before he got around to where I needed him :) Then--zip! Bull is wormed too!

We returned to Granddaddy's after I dumped the mineral. On the way, we stopped to talk to Mr. Al, our neighbor two houses down. He was walking with his dogs. We talked about health problems (his, Granddaddy's, Grandpa's, and my broken bone) :) He also said, "I come down here and give your horse some chewing tobacco every now and again." At first I thought he was kidding (he does chew afterall), but then I realized he was serious. Savannah said she knew he wasn't joking when he said, "Horses like that." It tickled me. I hope tobacco isn't bad for horses though...

Once here, I decided I'd better go ahead and rotate the cows. Well, I have all but three cows, three calves, and the black bull back on the south side. Two of said calves are newborns (today kind of newborn). One belongs to one of the white faced brindles--it's brown. The other belongs to none other than Moon-bat! I'm totally happy that she finally had that calf. It's a bull and red, like her. There's a whole confusing tale that goes with the discovery of those two babies, but I'm not going to bore you with it. Suffice to say, I got distracted with a gate in the pens and didn't succeed in convincing said animals to get along like I wanted them too. I was hungry so I wasn't exactly the sweetest, but neither did I get mad at them. I know when to give in to a cow--really I do...and they had me whipped.

So, that's part 2 of this day :D


10/3/2012 14:18:54

Great Job on getting the cows wormed!!! I knew you all could do it.


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