Sooo, the meeting with Mr. Hendry was pretty successful, even though we didn't set a date for the actual interview. Instead, he sent me home with another stack of stuff to read (about 1/2 inch thick!), a few pictures, and an impression that this man is excited! Good. My 'job' this week is going to have to be: 1) reading the stack of stuff (some of it is on Hendry, some on the Battle of Fort Myers--Mr. H's specialty, some of it on blockade running, some of it on miscellaneous related stuff); and 2) transcribing the audio I recorded. (It's easier than writing it all down on the fly. I can't write that fast and listen at the same time.) While Mr. Hendry was xeroxing copies of stuff for me, I had Daddy sit in as a proxy and got two short room shots.

My impression of Mr. Hendry: other than the fact that he is fairly tall (I'd guess around 6 feet), and obviously has a job where he sits a lot--he is nice, is excited about history (at least this part of it), he has a sense of humor (probably some of which I missed--I'm a bit dull sometimes), and that he was enjoying himself. He helped me out on a few things--like how to spell Captain Hendry's wife's first name, and how to pronounce her maiden name :) Oh, and another thing, he enjoys telling stories...and he is very expressive with his hands. He waves them about as he talks, or drums on the table. He had a couple of rubber bands that he kept twisting around too. (I found that amusing for some reason.)

One of the pictures he gave for me was my favorite picture of Captain Hendry that I've seen. It is clearer than this copy.
Captain Hendry
In addition, I got a name or two and a recommendation to track down this book or that. I also got regaled with mosquito horror stories from both gentlemen present. (Makes me itch just thinking about it!) And then when Mr. Hendry remarked that the Cow Cavalry probably ate grits and salt pork, I got a hankering for a big ol' plate of buttery grits. (Which I can't have on the GAPS diet.)

Hmmm, that reminds me of a story about a legendary local cowhunter. Following, I quote from a book about him (however, I will leave out the name of both town and county--simply for security reasons):

'Bone was a frequent boarder at the [Town] House, a popular meetin place for [the]County cattlemen. One morning, having finished off a plate of grits topped with a quarter-pound of homemade butter, he ordered another helping of the same. His waitress became concerned about his eating so much high-priced butter. "Mr. Mizell, did you know that butter costs sixty-five cents a pound?" she asked. "Yes ma'am," replied Bone, "and wuff ever cent of it." '

Anyway, to get back on track, Mr. Hendry was quite helpful and I have work to do! See you later!


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