It rained today and it rained yesterday!!! Hooray! We reall, really, really needed it. Hopefully, we will get some more :)

No, I don't keep a diary...this here blog is the closest you're going to get out of me! I've tried, you know, but it never seemed to be interesting. Probably because I didn't have an audience...(I should blush here or something, but I won't.) Don't worry, I won't spill my innermost heart onto these pages...that's reserved for only certain people (only one of whom gets it on paper.)

However, I do want to talk about a diary. A young fella's diary. No, I don't know him. I can't, you see. Thomas Ellis lived over a 100 years ago, being a young man about my own age during the War Between the States. Anyway, I have read quotes out of his diary throughout my Cow Cav research and when I found out where the diary was...well, that's the really exciting part.

Yesterday, I contacted the curator of the University of Florida library (that being where the diary is kept). In a very short amount of time (much shorter than I expected!), he sent me an e-mail requesting my mailing address. Happily, I obliged with his request and was further thrilled by the information that a typescript copy would be mailed this morning! I hope to get it tomorrow. (UF is only in Gainsville...)

I forgot to mention (although you have probably already guessed) that T.B. Ellis was a member of the Cow Cavalry. He was one of the pickets during the Brooksville Raid and it is mainly for that that I wanted to read his diary-- for the eye-witness account of the incident. Quotes are likely to be forth coming and end up in the documentary.

Thrills! Research is fun! (Until you get overloaded.) It is also addictive. I probably will continue to file stuff away in my mental "Cow Cavalry" folder even after the documentary is completed! I'm like that.


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