Ho-hum. Today was the day to rotate the cows. So, I went out and after a good long fight, in which I had to go get Savannah for assistance, finally got the bit in Snip's mouth. Saddling took just moments after the bit was inserted.

The wind was (still is) blowing like crazy, so that didn't help matters any. For some reason wind makes Snip frisky and less complient. It also didn't help that almost as soon as I mounted the sky start hurling some big and somewhat painful raindrops at the ground. Snip put his rump towards the south and wouldn't move. My back got soaked. Finally he got moving. I rode over to the west gate and opened that. We goofed off for a few minutes in the north pasture trying to encourage the cows to start moving. They were a bit skeerdy since they didn't know what a horse/person combination is. They sort of know me, so I think that helped keep them from really going nuts.

Well, I left them to themselves after a bit and zipped off and opened the gate into the woods--on the south. Then I tried to get Snip to go ankle deep in the flooded creek area. He was like, "Uh-uh...I ain't  goin' to do that!!" Finally he did get a bit wetter than he wanted.

After that I returned to the north side and went back and opened the gap gate. From there I came up behind the cows and gently started pushing them toward the open gate. Snip behaved himself wonderfully. The only animal I felt I really needed to keep an eye on was 'Gorillia Cow'. She's been a bit more obsinate lately. Eventaully, she decided to move. I followed her, but gave her plenty of room--don't crowd a hairy cow :) When she stopped, I did. Then I'd move Snip in one or two steps and stop again. It worked.

Once I got them all moved I shut the gate (I did a lot of on and off today!) Then I did some serious galloping (oh yes, that was after I rode him down the drive way and checked the mail! More gate work...) I didn't work much on circles, but just simple weaving. That row of old orange tree stumps is great for that--including the close proximity to the electric wire. It keeps him from going too far 'thataway'...but also it helps with his trust in me that I won't run him into anything. (I wish I could say the same. Some times I abort an action simply because I have this sixth sense that he's going to drag my leg on something. It happened not to long ago. I'm just glad we weren't going super fast when it happened or tht would have really hurt.)

The whole ride there was wind and on and off sprinkle. Perfect training weather! :) :)
(Inside joke ;} )


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