Savannah opened my door around 6:00 this morning ('tis a convient way of waking me--particularly when I'm only half asleep to begin with).  Soon I crawled out of bed and started my morning routine. We started getting attired around 7:00; it takes a bit longer than normal when wearing 1860's clothing.
Since I had loaded most of my gear into the Caddillac last night, I only had to put my camera and Zoom out there...along with the cooler containing our bonnet, my purse, and myself.

We arrived at the church and cemetery where the ceremony was being held right about 9:00. The A.'s were already there so we knew somebody :D The S.'s were there too...and after wandering around a bit and talking to the A.'s concerning the ceremony, Savannah, Mr. Bill, and I started setting up cameras in the various spots we wanted them. During this time, people of all sorts kept arriving...there were two cannon (and somehow it doesn't surprise me that Mr. Tom is artillery...); the color guard (one of them was rather strikingly good-looking--and I don't want to be teased over that anybody--the man was married and had a little girl--I just couldn't help noticing that he was handsome); the men of the two SCV camps that were putting it on; the SCV National Commander (he has a handshake like a vice; either Mr. Hill or Mr. A. introduced me to him--so much happened I forgot some of the details...); the Florida Division Commander (he had an awesome tie--it had our beloved Confederate generals on it!); and people who were just attending the event.

During the ceremony, those of us running the cameras couldn't hear very well (and I was the farthest off); the wind was blowing steady the whole time and the sound system wasn't working. I have no idea what any of the footage looks like yet...I haven't put it into Premiere Pro yet. I have to clear my hard-drive off a little more so I can get the footage from one of the cameras on the computer. (At present it is on an external drive.)

Anyway, I got a nice sunburn on my face because I was facing directly into the sun...which also means that I was having difficulty seeing the LCD screen on my camera. The way we had it planned was for me to do the static, establishing shots, Savannah to do the close-ups, and Mr. S to do the pan-shots (or following shots as we were calling them). I ended up doing some zooming and panning. I got plenty confused a couple times because of said problem of having the sun in my face, cutting down my visablity of the LCD screen. I found myself staring past the screen at the people in front of me, then back to the screen in an effort to determine exactly which light colored blob was which person.

The ceremony went something like this (mind you, I couldn't hear to great--but I happen to have a schedule ;D ): It opened with a prayer. The schedule says Mr. A was to pray, but I'm not sure he was the one who did...then there was the salute to the flag (I think I got off the last line, because that's when I realized they were saying it) and the Charge to the SCV. The singing of 'Dixie' then took place. The 'howdy and thank-you for coming' portion followed. Mr. P. (the MC basically) recognized the National Commander and the Florida Division Commander (the fact that the National Commander came was a big deal). Then he also mentioned all the groups of people who were participating.

Commander G. and Commander D. (the big-shot above mentioned) each gave a short speech proceeding the actual ceremony which goes something as follows. For each deceased soldier there was a "widow". Of the five I am aquainted with four of them. These "widows" were one by one escorted by a man in uniform (I'm aquainted with three of said gentlemen), to a seat by the headstone. After the lady was seated and the flowers she carried were placed, the man stepped back and saluted the grave. Mr. H. saluted very slowly and ceremoniously; it just fits his personality though. After all the "widows" were seated, the men escorted a little girl in a white dress (one for each soldier yet again--only I think they only had four) who removed the black cloth cover from the SCV cross by the stones. Once again, the man would salute the grave.

During this latter operation, the histories of the five men were read. In some cases, they were read by decendents of the Confederate soldiers. It is my opinion that Mr. A isn't the most comfortable with public speaking.

Once this part was done, two men sang the first and last verse of "How Firm a Foundation" (one of my favorites). We were reminded that it was one of General Robert Edward Lee's favorite hymns.

Then came an interesting part--the Color Guard's Last Drink ceremony. Said good-looking member of the Color Guard took a canteen and came round from one grave to the next, solemnly knelt down beside it and poured some water (I assume) onto the grave. If I remember rightly (I was attempting to get the man in my LCD screen!), he saluted--or maybe not.

Then "BOOM! BOOM!" The cannon went off!! I nearly jumped out of my skin the first time and I think I bumped the camera. I got mental goosebumps when I saw the smoke from the cannon floating through the flags...I don't have a picture of that...but below are the flags.
They fired two more volleys and more or less that was the close of the ceremony.
Before it started...I'm checking the camera...
That is the National Commander in the black jacket. Mr H. is on the other side of me in the kepi.
After the ceremony, we interviewed Mr. H. He had forgotten that he was supposed to be interviewed, but he pulled it off wonderfully! I know I have some usable material there--even though I forgot to change my camera setting back to what I've shot the rest of my Cow Cavalry interviews and b-roll in!! However, Savannah assures me that Premiere Pro will be able to convert it...

Then we came home, along with the S's and spent time downloading footage off the cameras. I spent about half that time moving stuff my from hard-drive to the external hard-drive. In order to get the rest of the footage on the computer (so I can work with it!) I will have to move some more stuff over onto the external drive. I sat and played the cello a bit too while waiting for stuff to download.

But anyway, I'm about ready to take my sunburned nose to bed...


10/15/2012 03:48:10

Sounds like you had some challenges but that always goes with the job. I can't wait to see the finished project. Thanks for taking the time to tell us about it. And thank-you to the people that helped you!!


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