Boy, talk about getting into scrapes! I've done it again...I had another horse related accident!! Snip and I were going at a run when it happened. As I pulled him to the left, out of one of those interesting ditches in the back pasture, the ol' boy stepped in a hole. No biggie...normally. Usually when he steps in an armadillo hole (or whatever) he recovers from his stumble and keeps going. Hump. That didn't work this time. I was a goner before I realized that he wasn't stumbling back onto his feet. Next thing I know, he'd rolled over on top of me (I might have rolled too. I can't be sure. Let's see, I was still facing south--the direction we were headed, and his nose was pointing I have no idea exactly what happened.)

Anyhow, here I am with my head between my poor horse's hind legs. I think I yelled "Ow!" or something like that when my head hit the ground. My beautiful hat got smushed (could have been worse). Anyhow, I was afraid he was going to try rolling and getting onto his feet with my face in a prime place to get kicked. Thankfully, he didn't--the reason for which I found out in a minute. After getting my hat off my head, I managed to get that head from between Snips legs. I sort of sat up (the best you can with a horse partially lying on you) and removed my left boot (I forget why--must have been caught on something). Then I looked over at Snip's head. Poor baby was terrified. He was stuck on the ground and couldn't get up because my right boot (and therefore my foot!) had the left rein wrapped around it quite tightly. It took a minute or two to get my foot worked out of the boot. Once I did, he got up fairly quickly and his eyes went back to normal. (During the time he was down you could see the whites of his eyes.) I can't remember if I got to my feet before or after he did. Anyway, I picked up my hat and straightened it out, recovered my bandana (how on earth did that come off from underneath my hat?), and my dog fennel switch (which by the way, didn't get any more use today). By this point, I had noticed that my left hip and calf were quite sore. But I got back on Snip and headed for the house (I got there faster than if I'd tried walking--I tell you, I'm moving slower than an old man!) That caused a fairly sharp pain in the hip, and I immediately started praying that I hadn't broke my hip.

Once I got to the house, I dismounted (I got off on the wrong side, I figured that it would hurt less) and tied Snip up and limped to the car to retrieve my cell phone and call Mom. As the phone rang I began my trek to the house. Believe it or not, going up the ramp into the house hurt worse than the stairs! Once in the house, I iced the hip. Mama and Daddy came down and after checking on me, Daddy went to put Snip up.

When we first tumbled, I was worried that Snip had hurt himself, but he seemed fine. His walk looked/felt normal, so I won't worry about him. Mama brought me home. We are all figuring that I did nothing but strain things. I mean, I can put my entire weight on that leg (even though it hurts some). I can bend...sitting down doesn't really hurt unless I shift just so-so, and it feels like muscle. (I have had a fairly severe sprained ankle before, so I know what bruised muscle feels like.)

I am going to be purple in the morning...I just know it :) And stiff! Whooy...stiff muscles can be one of the most painful things in the world. And they can linger for DAYS.

With that cheery proposition, I think I'll bid thee all "Good-even' "!  *Cheerful Smile" (But ya know, I actually did it this time--I got back on!)


P.S. I have an interesting grass-rash pattern on my left arm...yes, I was wearing sleeveless again!

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