The Setting: Supper Time

Granddaddy had left the table for a minute, so he missed all the fun...

I looked up and said, "That's Alfalfa." (The resident fence breaker heifer.) I continued watching her as she slowly, nonchalantly headed toward the fence. I said something to Savannah akin to "She's going to come through the fence. Just watch." She looked both ways as she meandered, paused and made a show of nibbling some grass, looked up and came closer. Then she took a swipe at the grass once more and poked her nose on the fence. By this time I'm giggling like a nut and Savannah too was laughing. Just as Alfalfa was fixing to step through the wire, Savannah hopped up and went out the back door where she gently scolded the ornery critter. Alfalfa wandered off. At the end dinner Savannah said, "There she is!" Sure enough...that stinker had wandered to a place where we couldn't see her and come through the fence! Savannah ran her in (I was washing the dishes.) It was really more funny than this sounds :) Honest.

We spent the day spraying soda apples again today.

Got two go...


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