We went through 3 batches of spray today...and still aren't done spraying those nasty weeds. I'm whipped. I don't know why exactly I should be, I just strolled around with the wand and sat on the back the pickup between times. My right hand got pretty tired squeezing that handle--even though it's not stiff at all.

As I was washing the dinner dishes, I looked out the kitchen window and saw a cow getting a drink out of the trough. Behind her I noticed as tiny little black calf. Brand new...he was even still wobbly :) It's always neat to see the calves right after their born.

Then Savannah and I ran into town to get water and eggs. We headed for the water kiosk first...both sides were occupied. As soon as the one side was free, a pick up drove up between us and it. We decided to go on to the store and get the eggs. We had the kiosk to ourselves when we got back :)

Sorry this is rather flat tonight...I'm not on a roll :) (Obviously!)


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