I dug the above mentioned yesterday. I think I actually dug/pulled more thistles than I did soda apples yesterday.

Okay, so we all know what thistles are...they come in various shades of green, different lengths and sharpness of spikes (these here are MEAN), and leaf shapes. But who knows what a
soda apple is? Nope. It ain't an apple you drink soda (or pop, depending where your from *grin*) out of. Absolutely not. So, what is a soda apple? It's a plant that somehow got to Florida from South America (I think).  They have nasty spikes. The 'apple' looks something like a a tiny zebra striped eggplant...at this stage of the game. Later they turn yellow and bust, sending seeds all over the place.

Once the plants are dug, they have to be burned. I didn't get to the burning part yesterday because of the thunder...they say if you can hear it, the lightening can hit you...not exactly my cup of tea. I also did not get done. I think I may do some more today...if it doesn't rain some more.

It rained so lovely yesterday evening!! I got sprinkled on and I looked up and exclaimed,
"Amen! Thank-you Lord for the rain!" (I tend to talk like that more when no one's around...) Now the grass will green up some.


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