Howdy! I finally got the other garage done today. I didn't do it yesterday because of the rain...duh, right?

I didn't see an awful lot of spiders, and most of the ones I did see (and killed, of course) were fairly small or just those little specks running across the floor. Believe me, you learn to tell the difference between dirt and spiders pretty quick under the circumstances!

I was about a quarter of the way done when I look to the east and see the cows coming, Captain Abraham leading the charge. Literally. They were running. Then they stood there and mooed at me on and off for the rest of the afternoon. Sillys.

When I came back over here, I loaded two sacks of feed into the back of the truck and sprinted into the house to get Savannah to come drive for me--and to pick up the matches. I was going to burn the trash I'd brought over from our place. (Which included three cans of Grandma's that had spoiled--they blew up in the fire and scared the black bull pretty good.)

We headed out and on the way I thought I saw the water trough with water pouring out of it. (Again!) I decided I'd take care of that post feeding the cows. Once we had fed them, Savannah drove to the burn pit and turned the engine off, then went in to make our supper. I got the trash burning and moved the truck closer to the water tank, removed my boots and socks, and rolled up my pant legs. Then I got my feet wet looking at the tank. There was a proverbial hole in the dyke all right. About an inch, inch and half down from the lip of the tank was this 1/4 inch hole out of which the water was just pouring. Hmmm...I improvised by sticking a random piece of cloth (have no idea what it was doing in the pasture) into it with a stick.

I wandered off while the bull got a drink and talked to Savannah a bit--she'd come out of the house. I think she was worried that the bull was feeling aggressive. (He wasn't, he had just gotten scared by that exploding can and started dancing.) She asked if the hole would need welding...of the top of my head I said, "Yeah." (Neither one of us know how to weld.)

After the bull left the water trough I went back and gauged the hole. I had had a thought...what would Daddy do? The answer had come almost as soon as the vague thought. A bolt, of course!! (Right along with that goes a snort of disgust--"I don't suppose there will be the right sized bolt--if I can even find one!--in the barn.")

Well, turns out that there was the right sized bolt and washers in the barn. So, I cinched that down pretty tight. If I remember, I'll go check it tomorrow and see if it still seeping. If so, I 'll tighten it a bit more.

I love being practical! :D


12/27/2012 12:47:40

LOL, the Bull having a drink and talking to Savannah would have been interesting to observe.

There are lots of bolts and stuff like that in the barn....I started to sort it out two years ago and didn't get finished...but then you know how that goes.


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