That's the day in a couple of words.

First, we sprayed soda apples. Unfortunately we didn't finish (I think we could have, but anyway...) It was time to go in for lunch and then because it was perhaps looking like rain Savannah decided that we shouldn't bother (didn't want the rain to wash it off). However, it didn't rain at all. Savannah drove the truck and I did the spraying...most of the time I was actually walking around with the spray wand.

After lunch Savannah went and got vegetables. I messed around on the computer, drank my coffee, washed the dishes, and started to match footage to narration...which leads to the next point.

I had Savannah read my narration, both as a voice test and as an editor. The latter kind of just happened. She is my best critic :) I really would like a male voice so I may end up posting a 'Wanted: Male Voice Actor' in the Jobs forum on I'm fully intending on doing that for the voice overs anyway. Anyway, that brought on a conversation about how we talk. I'm terrible at V/O (I guess I can call it that) because unless I talk REALLY slow I tend to slurr my words...and when I do talk very slow, it sounds awful and it makes my jaw hurt!

Snip and I had another 'bit-fight' but I won in the end. Then we took a gallop...or two...or half a dozen...or maybe even a baker's dozen :) In between we walked...and worked on spins...and backed...and sat...Normal stuff all :)


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