Some surprises, like the one I received this morning, are exciting. This surprise also put some new life into my fire over the Cow Cavalry.

You see, I checked my e-mail as usual this morning, really not expecting anything of any import. I got two e-mails of interest; but only one of them needs be mentioned for this post. A certain gentleman contacted me with an offer of any assitance that he could provide concerning my Cow Cavalry documentary! Of all places that he found out about me was off this here blog. He said that he stumbled on my blog while doing some research. Personally, I don't know what I said that made him so fired up interested; I went back and read what I said before on the subject and I don't see how any of it was that awesome. But anyhow, I shot off an answering e-mail and got another in exchange. To that one I also sent an answer, going into a little more depth about the project and what goes on in my brain.

On a related note, I really need to get down there to the creek and get some more footage before the water goes down. We have had a tropical storm over us for days so the water is up back there. But I'm sticking to the house today on account of the sunburn I contracted yesterday. Boy, is it a beaut! :) It also hurts in a couple of spots. It is nice and sunny, so that it is a bit of a bummer that I would want to stay in... 


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