Ooo...a mystery! I love a good mystery, so when Grandma informed us that she had seen a red pick up truck pull into the neighbor's driveway--and then pull out and back in--our suspicions were aroused. Afterall, most of the houses on this streach of road have been burgularized over  the last few years and we had suspicions of a red pick-up after Grandma's antiques were stolen several years ago. (No need to go into that.) So Mom, who had come out with me for the morning therapy, ran into the house and grabbed her phone and wallet and hopped into the car. She told me to come to, so I jumped in and we zipped out of the driveway and down to Uncle L.'s (a couple hundred feet). We were staked out ready to grab the license plate number if that truck pulled out. Mom called Daddy to call the Uncle to see if they could get ahold of the homeowners. Of course, Uncle L said he had no contact info. So Daddy called the Livestock sherriff  (they kind of know each other). He then told Daddy to have Mom call him, so that happened. He said he'd be there shortly and he was. Once he arrived we went home. I hung around outside till he left. As he was leaving he called Mom--it was just the cleaning lady. I sure hope she wasn't too terrified. (Or miffed...we were just being safe.)
Anyhow, it was kind of fun to sit there and wait and see. After all, if it had been a bad guy, we would have helped catch him!

The rest of the day has been rather normal. In a few minutes I am going to go out and see if I can get Grandpa to come outside and walk some. He's getting weak becuase he isn't doing anything. We have to get him stronger before he goes on this chemo pill...if that makes him feel bad, it will be even harder to get his strength up. (And like Mom says, I'm the only one he will really listen too...that's a great responsiblity sometimes.)


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