I love reenactments...always have, always will. One day I would like to be a reenactor myself...
Regardless, the main reason we attended the Battle of Bowlegs Creek reenactment on Saturday was for me to gather more facts/data/interesting stories. We met a gentleman who knew quite a bit about Captain Hendry; he is also a great-great nephew of Confederate General A.P. Hill!! Now that's just plain cool.

The added info was broad and varied...but I won't go into that all right now. In fact, I might need to grab my notebook to jog my memory. I already added some stuff to my 'narration'. One of the most interesting things though was how Hendry used the terrain. He'd lead the Yanks on a chase...towards a swamp. Upon reaching the swamp, he'd turn aside and the Federal troops would plow into the swamp. We have gators...so when it is said that Hendry let the swamp eat them, it brings to life the terror that must have fallen on those blue-coated soldiers...

Also, the aforesaid gentleman told us that Hendry preferred a La Mat revolver. I'd heard the name before but had no mental picture of what it looked like. Apparently, it chambers nine  .41 caliber bullets and one 20 gauge---which had it's own separate barrel.
I thought this wa a neat pictures because you can see this particular reenactor spitting out the top of his paper cartridge.
Since this was a battle fought between the Cow Cavalry and the Florida Rangers (Union), rather than infantry, the troops would have been cavalry...on horses. There wasn't a single horse at the reenactment :) Anyway, it was still fun and noisey. Particuarly the cannon--which I seriously doubt would have even been part of the engagement.

For more pictures, check out the Photos' page...I have a fairly nice selection :)


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