(I don't know how many 'parts' there will be...or when the next instalment shall happen.)

After lunch, the entire family went over to Granddaddy's to start work clearing the old horse lot of the piles of oak branches. After Hurricane Charlie and subsequent tree trimming experiences, the limbs got hauled to what used to be the horse lot--back when Granddad had horses. Anyway, the ladies got to work systematically burning the old wood. (We aren't done yet.) Daddy took the pick-up back to our house to do an oil change.
After clearing most of the small stuff that we could easily pick up, we set to work trying to break the limbs (some of them are serious logs!) up. We thought Daddy was going to return with the chainsaw, but he didn't because he was out of chainsaw gas.  Anyway, both Katherine and I had been hacking away with a dull axe for a bit. Mom finally told me to go see if I could find a sharper axe, reminding me of what I had said eariler: "a sharp axe is probably less dangerous". Well, I found one, but Daddy had to pin the head on. It had a pin, but it was in the wrong place and wasn't very safe. Anyway, I chopped my log (see above picture) and conquered, then Katherine finished off hers :)

In all honesty, I probably shouldn't have messed around with the axe at all. The exercise really didn't make my rib hurt much (laying on my back is worse), but I started to feel it about half way through that branch. [Is it needful for me to say that I'm stubborn...like certain female relatives of mine? ]
Early on Granddaddy cranked up the tractor and came out and watched us. He went back to the house after a while (he probably got hot). After his supper he came out and sat in the cab of the truck and watched us some more. I fed him a few mulberries, or trashberries as they get called around here. I'm pretty fond of 'trashberries' and wonder how they got that name.


P.S. Pictures of Saturday are coming shortly! Check the 'Photo' page!

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