Yesterday, Mama and I burned some more wood in the horse lot. At the same time we cleaned up some of Uncle Rod's trash from behind the barn. Ick. Anyway, I had killed two black widows that were under the tree limbs. I hate those spiders. Never do that kind of work without gloves on--you never know when a black widow may be sitting there. Right after killing the first one, I had a huge gray wolf spider almost jump on me! I had the jitters there for a bit. I don't like spiders. We didn't get done burning wood, but we put a dent in what was there. The next thing that needs to be done after the wood is to put a fence up along the one side. Daddy had said that we would put Snip in with the heifers that we are going to wean, but I don't know if that still holds or not. Daddy is going to build a stall/tack shed contraption too. (That way I don't have to lug my saddle from the barn.) I hope to be able to keep the feed out there too.

Today I went to  P.C. with Grandma and Grandpa. He had an appointment to get him ready for his upper GI endoscopy tomorrow. Anyway, Grandma wouldn't let me park the car, so I went on in with Grandpa...and we went on ahead to the ACC (don't ask me what that stands for). Anyway, by the time Grandma got there she was a little put out. And worn out. The appointment went pretty smoothly...I was able to help answer some of the questions and work as an interpreter...Grandma needs hearing aids worse than Grandpa (but don't tell her I said that!) When we left, she let me go fetch the car. I'm glad because she was tired out. (Her legs bother her and if she's on them for too long she has a lot of pain.) I got Grandpa loaded in, took the wheelchair back into the hospital and hopped in the car. We went out to eat at a place called Elana's and I am still full 4 hours later. (Unusual for me.)  I had this massive chopped steak and onions (forgive my ignorance, but I thought chopped steak was steak sliced up with onions--turns out it was more like a oversized hamburger!) I ate the entire thing, because by the time I was full, there wasn't very much left. I rather wish I had gotten a box. It took a while to get Grandpa back into the car because he was so sleepy and believe me, he gets very slow and argumentative (though not necessarily always nastily so) when  he's groggy. At one point, a hispanic man (with earings and a gotee--not exactly the kind of person one would expect to stop--based on outward appearances) who was walking by slowed down and asked, "Do you need any help?" I laughed (because what else am I supposed to do when cajoling my grandpa to get out of the wheelchair and into the car?) and said, "No. But thank-you!" (Since he couldn't really be of any assistance. Now, had Grandpa been sitting on the pavement...)

Anyhow, I finally got him up (the old hand on the belt trick really helps--I'm a pro at that [uh, that isn't even a humble brag...]) and in the car. Then I put the wheelchair in the trunk. That took two tries because I got the thing backwards the first time. It will only go in the back of Grandma's yellow car one way.

Almost the whole time I was riding in the car I was writing's easier to be oblivious to Grandma's aggressive driving if you don't have to watch. (Though I did keep an eye out at intersections.)

Now I need to go feed my starving horse :) I hope maybe I can go ride tomorrow--even if I do nothing but walk him. We both need the exercise. (I want him to fatten up, not me!)


4/2/2012 12:00:25 pm

Yes, my dear you are a pro at assisting the elderly. Thank-you for your kindness and care.

5/4/2012 05:32:35 am

Good job on accompanying your grandparents to P.C., Racheal. Your interpreter story reminds me of my Grandpa before he lost his breath in the hospital next to my Grandma - he was breathing fast so he can't speak directly and I did interpret every word he whispered to me for Grandma. Anyway, how was the result of the endoscopy?


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