The more I learn...the more I understand how much I don't really know!!

Besides that, I have this nagging question, "How much background do I need to put in my story?" I mean, to tell the story of the Cow Cavalry well, does the audience really need to know the economic situation of the State prior to 1863? I think I need to at least talk about the beef part of the 1861-1863 Florida-Confederate union (oh ho! Summerlin will come in quite useful!!) [And I just made some forward progress with my thinking here as my fingers mashed out that last sentence! Huzzah! I love it when that happens :) ]

As for the Cow Cavalry themseleves, I have a fairly good (though not complete) grasp on them and what they did. I just am curious as to how much 'other stuff' is necessary to tell the story well. For me, as the filmmaker, I think that I should have this down pretty pat. I suppose that if I have answers to all my questions that that will show itself through the narration...right?

Back to the research mines, Racheal! (Okay, okay...I'm going.)

Maybe I ought to go write some more actually. Often that prompts a train of thought that goes something like this: "Well now, when was that? How exactly did that work? Is there enough info here? I suppose that this would get answered in the interviews."

Speaking of's another question, 'should I already have all the answers to these questions?' Afterall, it is a historical documentary, not one of those 'as-it-happens' docs. (Which I forget the real name of...)

And for a closing thought, "Ahgg!! It still sounds like an essay!!"


P.S. By the way, if you can answer my questions, please do! (Of course, I realize that without really being inside my head and hearing me rant about this and reading what I have already written, you probably can't help!)

P.S.S. I also kind of what to finish Rebel Storehouse before I go on...that way I will get the book finished. (2 chapters left! I read the one about the Cow Cavalry this morning...)

P.S.S.2  I noticed the other day, that I have both a 'cattle' and a 'cow' category. Rather redundit, right?

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