Immediately after worship, the girls and I started getting the camera's set up while some of the men adjusted the pulpit and the lecturns. Savannah and I set the white balance on all three cameras. From the back of the room, I hollered up at Pastor to please stand where he was going to during the service so I could get him framed right. He was most happy to oblige. (He was almost giddy all day--I think he enjoys weddings ;] )

The groom, K. was grinning from ear to ear during the entire service. M. the bride was a tad tearful a time or two, but she made it :) Everything was going fine until the cake. M. decided on the spur of the moment to shove the cake in K.'s face. As soon as she had done so, she turned and fled from the room, she felt that bad about it. At first, I thought K. was not going to return in kind...he moved the cake slowly toward her, then stopped. When he started again, he'd made up his mind and very deliberately smeared it all over her nose. Personally, I think cake smashing is disrespectful and I will not engage in such shennigans at my wedding. Daddy has always told us girls that if the groom does it to us, to punch him in the gut as hard as we can. I will. (Of course, as he also has said, this subject will be discussed before hand and forbidden.)

With that said however, K.'s deliberate movement and M.'s hesitant look of 'OH NO! I've got it coming!" was one of those moments of perverse humor. I was willing him not to do it (because that would have been the right thing to do), but at the same time it was funny because of how he did it. Forgive me...

Shooting the wedding ceremony went fine. Afterwards I took off with a camera and shot people eating, talking, laughing...the cake being cut, the above reported shennigans...K. and M. opening a gift and K.'s 'toast'.

I have to get to work now...


4/24/2012 14:43:12

Sounds like fun! I'm not a fan of cake-shmushing...waste of good food :-)

4/25/2012 05:04:00

I missed the "toast"...what was it? I was off taking pictures....

Sandra K Sullivan
4/25/2012 12:10:02

I missed the toast too!! what was it? I don't know where I was.

4/26/2012 11:17:57

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