There wasn't supposed to be a part 2....

Wednesday I started the mowing in the pasture. First I had to jump the tractor...I managed to put another stratch on the pickup truck. I took off and started mowing and did pretty well, only scalping the earth in a couple places as I got the hang of it. The worse one is right in front of the barn (of course). After about an hour and a half, maybe more, out of the blue, the tractor died. Huh? Well, what with phone calls, a miles walk (total), the wrong wrenches, a little elbow grease, a bucket of sweat, some growls from the engine, and some smoke, it was determined to leave the tractor sit in the field overnight. Daddy called Carl who came out the next day and fixed it and returned it to the barn.

Returned it to the barn? Wednesday night the strange tightness and stiffness in my shoulders and neck that I ignored that morning had settled in. I should have listened to my mother and taken it easy that day. As it was, I was down with the old viral infection again that leaps on me occasionally. I'm still getting over it. I have a bit of the 'head' feeling still but I am having difficulty being still...Rest is the main thing to do for this.

I am fully planning on going to the A.'s tomorrow night for the SCV meeting (I have an invite!), so I really want to make sure I feel good. I also am going to go vote tomorrow, headache or no. I also have to get Granddaddy some more banana's :D


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