Okay, so ya'll are going to start thinking that I can't talk about anything but tractor's...well, I can, but a certain John Deere tractor has been my main focus now for days...

I had to go to town today because a) the cows needed mineral and b) to price a new bush-hog mower. I went to Tractor Supply first to check on the mower. It is a small world (in a small town), out there folks. First off, I see Tommy (one of the guys who helped us work cows back a few months ago). I got introduced to his wife...but I think he forgot to tell me her name :) Second, I find out that the little old lady (I say that with the upmost respect--she was terribly sweet) behind the counter goes to Granddaddy's church!

Anyway, I called Daddy and he said "Buy it". So I did. Per instructions I asked if they would deliver it and while waiting for the answer (which was 'no', by the way), I chatted away with the aforementioned lady. Daddy had also told me to talk to Carl (who happened to be at Granddaddy's with the 'Deacon's Brigade' ((3 guys!)) taking care of the fallen tree) and see if he could help me get the mower home.  Therefore, as I was leaving Tractor Supply headed for Smith's to get mineral, I grabbed my phone (what would we do without cell-phones?) and called Savannah. She went out to talk to the men and when I got home I got the low-down: I would go meet Carl and Ronnie at Tractor Supply later.

I killed a little time on the computer and piano before Ronnie called Savannah to tell her he'd be at Tractor Supply in about 25 minutes. I left about 10 after that, but he was there before I was anyway! He was coming out of the store as I arrived. Even though he didn't have the receipt, the guys were already on their way to load it onto Ronnie's trailer. (Comes from having a fellow church member behind the counter I guess :D) Carl showed up minutes later. Once the mower was loaded onto the trailer we (er, rather the men--but it was sort of at my instigation) checked to see if there was any oil in the crank-case/gear box/the um-what'd-ya-call it. It was bone-dry so Carl and I went in and got a jug of the right kind of oil and a tiny little funnel that bends--that made it a lot easier on the pouring end of the deal. So, right there in the parking lot, they put the oil in and then we headed for Granddaddy's. Once here, it took us probably 2 hours or so to get the thing unloaded and attached. The reason it took so long was because the pins which the hydraulic arms attach to had to be changed out for the ones off the old one so we could hook up the sway-bars.

At one point, I was greasing the PTO attatchment and Carl laughed and said something like, "You can tell she knows what she's doing!" I don't really :) I've not really done anything with machinery until this year. Anyway, I do know that greasing is important...

After we got it all hooked up, Ronnie (who was soaked with sweat) said, "Now you have to mow some!" I took it down the driveway and back, thereby mowing, to a great extent, the drive--which needed it. They were both pulling out as I reached the head of the driveway and so I was only really able to give big grins and thumbs up by way of thanks...

I went out and mowed in the pasture for about 30 minutes, but then came it because lightening was flashing around in the distance. I didn't scalp the earth ONCE with this new mower and I think I might have actually been mowing closer to the ground! I like this mower :D

However, I'll bid ya'll a good-even'...supper's going on the table!


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