SO...hopefully, this is the last installment on a certain John Deere tractor in a while. I FINISHED TODAY! However, before I finished, I had an adventureous morning...

First thing after breakfast I went out and got to work. I don't know how long I'd been out--under an hour I'm pretty sure, when all of sudden I realize something isn't right. I glance over my shoulder to see the left (depending on how you're looking at it of course) hydraulic arm, along with the sway bar, floating and dragging! "Great...I lost the pin."

I hopped off and retraced my steps (ahem, tracks), but didn't find the pin. I didn't really think I would...try finding a metal ring about an inch and a half in diameter with a small metal bar through it in tall grass, weeds, and clippings. Maybe if you had a metal dector :)

Since I couldn't find it, I went to the 'tool-box' attached to the side of the tractor and grubbed around in there. Thankfully, there was another pin--somewhat rusty and certainly a lot stiffer than the other one. Next, 'all I have to do is put the hydraulic arm and sway bar back on and--once I get the stupid pin open--put the pin in and I'll be ready!'

Well, folkies...that was easier said than done. I pushed and shoved and banged the bar with first a wrench, then piece of steel. I managed at some point to bash the knuckles of my right hand...I took my glove off a bit later to call Savannah (I'll get to that) and I thought it looked like a blood blister. It was and I busted it later...but I'll get to that too :D

Anyway, I was beginning to be desperately in need of water, so I called Savannah. It seemed like it took her FOREVER to come with the water...I'm afeared that in my over-wrought state I was rather snappy and unkind when she did get there. Once I slugged down three plastic cups full of water and finished hyper-ventilating and shaking like a lawn mower, I got back up and we got the bar on. We filled up a water bottle and I stuck it on the floor board where it wouldn't roll away. I did eventually drink it all over the course of the afternoon, but by that time it was about the temperture I like to drink my hot tea...

After getting the mower back into commission, I mowed for another hour (or so) before coming back to the house at 11. I then went to town and got diesel--I didn't want to run out again. While there I also got gas for the pick-up. It was also on the diesel can that I busted the blood blister on my knuckle. I bleed all the way home, driving with that finger stuck straight up into the air. I wonder how many people though I was waving at them?

The afternoon was uneventful...I mean, other than the fact that I furthered my farmer's (or in this case rancher's) tan and got my face somewhat sunburned. (I took my hat off while operating around the trees.) Anyhow, I'm done! And my nose is sore...not just sun either...I sneezed and blew and sneezed and blew--on top of the sunburn :D

That's my was yours?


8/25/2012 07:42:36

My goodness, Racheal! You are so persistent with that John Deere.
We have a riding one also that a certain hubby is supposed to use. The last two times the front yard was mowed, it was by Jimmie, our neighbor across the street. Jimmie mowed all three (front and two back yards) the first day. The second time Jimmie mowed the front yard, I went outside and showed him the reminder card that hubby told me to give him to mow the yard. He then mowed the first back yard. I have been waiting for the second back yard to be mowed.

My job is to weed the flower beds, or the weed beds by now. Jimmie mowed down the flowers because you couldn't tell. Then I got a return of my old carpal tunnel syndrome and dare not weed.

Hmm, maybe I can learn to drive the riding lawn mower and hubby can do the weeding. He said so, but a hubby with dementia is soooo hard to motivate.


P.S. Doesn't a certain young spunky lady have a 21st b.d. coming up in a month or so. Wonder how to celebrate.

8/27/2012 12:44:56

Rather...I haven't any idea what I'll be doing on that B.D. but nothing crazy :) It will probably be just a normal B.D.--which in our house is just a normal day with a semi-special dinner...


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