I finally got around to looking at K. and M.'s wedding footage today. I have been through the ceremony footage off cameras A, B, and C and logged it. Not perfectly, I don't think, but it's good enough for now. I know for sure that I have to use the audio off Camera B for the vows because it was the only one that you can actually hear K. on. He is sooo soft spoken anyway and under normal circumstances it is hard to hear him, let alone picking up on a mic! I had thought that I forgot to switch from external to internal mic on Camera B when I took it off the tri-pod and started wandering around with it, but I guess I didn't. I'm glad because I didn't miss the audio that came with the cake, the gifts, and the 'Toast'. (Even then, you can't hear what K. said to M. during the cake episode [not that most of us could at the time anyway; I knew he was talking but I couldn't really hear him]...and I'll probably have to boost the audio on the 'Toast'...)

I also started reading Without a Prayer by John Robbins this morning. It's a critique of Ayn Rand's philosophy "Objectivism". So far what I have gathered is that to her, autonomous 'reason' is the basis of all thought. Mr. Robbins also pointed out that most humanisic philosophers base their systems on 'reason', but they have that many different views of what 'reason' is. I imagine that you'll be hearing more about this at some point as I intend to write another essay for the Trinity Foundation Essay Contest this year...


6/6/2012 02:40:21

How do you like the book? I am a little intrigued to know who Ayn Rand is. I've heard so much about her (not necessarily positive) in the last few months and have no idea what she's all about.


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