What do all the above have in common? Well, they all have to do with today.

First--Westerns. That's right, and I don't mean I spent the whole day watching Westerns either (I did see a few pieces of Bonanza, The Big Valley, and most of the Rifleman--during dinner and washing dishes). What I mean is I'm writing a Western. A screenplay, that is. I got the idea for it from an old rusty revolver we found in the garage the other day. I asked Granddaddy about it and he said, "Oh it was [Uncle] Pat's. He got it off an old [black man]." That's all he knew and obviously there has to be more to the story. It gave me the idea...here's the brief run down of the plot (not 100% figured it all out yet.)

It's 1942 and Jerry is avoiding joining. His Granddad dies and they clean out his stuff. Jerry finds an old rusty, useless revolver (see, there's the gun!) and gets this strange, obsessive drive to discover it's story. He uncovers his Granddad's diary from when he was about 27 and there he finds the story of the weapon--and his courage to face the war. That's it without all the details. The "Western" part is the Granddad's tale. I just keep writing on it because it's there (in my brain I mean). Once it's written I can go back and tweak it at will.

Second--Bathrooms. Savannah and I cleaned Granddaddy's bathroom today. I scrubbed the shower while Savannah did everything else. I spent almost the entire time in the shower cleaning the mold out of the grout with baking soda and vinegar. That vegetable scrubber I found under the kitchen sink was perfect for the job...

Third--Pastures. I went out to see if there was an old gate in one of scrap piles (NOT). I ended up pulling some wicked thistles. Some of those thistles are taller than me and the bases are one, one and a half, to two and a two and a half inches thick! From there I wandered down to the creek.

Fourth--Creeks. I ended up location scouting down there. I hopped the creek here, there, and yonder. Looked at the fish (one of them I saw was big enough to eat!), squinted at the trees, considered this angle, and that angle...and all around got excited about my Cow Cavalry project again. I need to take my camera down there and set up shop. (Maybe I'd better remember to oil my tripod first! Speaking of which, I forgot to pick up some gun oil when we were over at our place this afternoon...)

Fifth--Horses. Well, I go down and feed Snip every afternoon. This is the way it went today: Savannah and I went to our place where I basically dropped her off...she wanted to walk while watering the citrus trees. I zipped off to go ride my horse. Snip was up the lane and I finally got his attention and he came barrelling down ready to eat! Well, I decieded to attempt to get on him bareback again. I finally got on him once I went and got a bucket to stand on (I'm kinda short you know.) Even then, I ended up laying over him squirming in an attmept to get my leg over him. I hurt that stupid rib of mine again :) I did get upright eventually. Anyway, it's rather crazy for me to even attempt to get on him bareback...after all, when I get on him with the saddle on, I have to stick my foot up about waist level to get it in the stirrup! Oh well.

I went back and picked Savannah up (along with her bike and some bones out of the freezer for broth.) We got home and I noticed that one of the neighbors calves, a little, tiny bull was on our side of the fence. I knew it was his because 1) all Granddaddy's cows where WAY at the other side of the pasture, and 2) Mama cow was right there looking at her wayward baby. So, Savannah and I jumped in the golf cart and meandered out there. Poor baby got so scared that he went through the fence and didn't stop running for over 100 yards. (Of course, that was the point of going over there.) Glad that worked out :)


5/5/2012 09:14:13

Such interesting things to record. You and Savannah work so well toether.

5/5/2012 12:29:04

Sisters! (Minus one :-( )

5/5/2012 15:05:04

you fall off of that horse again bareback or not, I am going to take a quirt you! :^D

5/5/2012 15:08:18

BTW, don't forget to look out for old Jake no shoulders when you go trouncing down by the creek--and out in the brush. Cottons, rattlers, coppers, and there is a pigmy that is like a little mean drunk..


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