(Sorry, that's the first title that popped into my head...)

Life is like that sometimes, you know. The point being this: Grandpa is going to be allowed to come home today, we are going to put him in my room, we have to really get started with the two-fold moving process, and keep sane all at once :)

Point #1: Grandpa is coming home! As far as can be determined the bowel obstruction has gone away. We want to get him to the rehab in Indiana as soon as possible.

Point #2: We are going to put him in my room between now and the time we pull out. 'We' probably ought to be clarified as 'some of us'.

Point #3: Whether the whole counter-carpetbagger group heads North at the same time, or Daddy takes the Grandparents, me and Katherine up first is still undetermined at this point, I think. However, either way, getting Savannah and I moved over to Granddaddy's must take place shortly; while at the same time getting the books, clothes, shoes, jars, food, tools, instruments packed and loaded for the northward route (which BTW is not prounced 'roo-t', but 'r-ow-t' *heehee*).

Point #4: Whatever the final plan, it's going to be busy and stressful over the next couple weeks...keep us in your prayers please!


Kerry Darden
4/13/2012 09:35:36

What a whirlwind. I was so glad to hear that the obstruction was gone. Praying for you all!

4/13/2012 10:31:30

Brrrrzzrrrwwrr!!! On the verge of chaos, to decend shortly!!!
When it rains it POURS!


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