Unfortunately, none of the above happen to be dishwashers :D

The day really started at about 8:30. I was running my mouth to Savannah about the upcoming SCV cross dedication (I had a flash of inspriation which turns out was unnecessary) when the telephone rang. I heard Granddaddy say, "I don't know, Lee." I poked my head around the corner and met Granddaddy's eyes. He smiled and kind of held the phone out toward me. "Does she want to talk to me?" Yup. Okay...so...yes....I'm planning on mowing today...okay, yeah....I think Daddy was going to call about those mowers (in the local 'shopper' ad)...did she really say that?? Yes, she did...she told me not to mow until the grass dried up some! Huh...since when do that side of the family care whether the grass is dry or not? Anyway, I told Savannah that tidbit and we had a laugh over it.

I went to go get breakfast and I looked out the window to see two white cows in the yard! I let out some exclaimation about 'stinkers'...spun around and dashed to the dryer, yanked the laundry out (I needed some socks!), grabbed the first matching set of socks I found, shoved them on my feet, followed quickly by my boots. Then I had to get my pant legs over the top of them. I shot out the door and around to corner, only to find out that while I was sock, boot, and jean wrastling, those ol' cows had high-tailed it out of there! They just knew I was on my way out to shout at them and wave my arms like a regular windmill...I could still see them making a break for the rest of the herd out in the east pasture. I had to laugh...it was soo funny!

I got started mowing somewhere around 10:00 and finished about 1:00. I did the yard and the driveway. I did a better job on it than last time...I wasn't hurrying to make it to a chiropractor appointment this time :) In addition to that I did something Daddy would be proud of me for--I listened to the engine and belt and was able to determine when it had to much load on it. I moved very, very slowly up and down the south side of the driveway so I didn't overload the engine...this resulted in a much better mowing job to boot. (And happily, the number of spiders and webs were greatly dimished since last time. *Laughing grin*)

After lunch and some wasted time on the internet--not overmuch--I got started on the dishes. That didn't take any longer than usual. Once I finished that I set up the food processer and grabbed the cabbages out of the box on the floor and made a lot of noise making kraut. Granddaddy got up at one point, "to see what you were doin'." It was at this point I bumped a bananna and commented on how squishy it was. He decided to check it out; then we both decided that it was too soft to eat and that I ought to make some 'nanner bread out of it.

I got the cabbage all shreaded and then got Savannah to 'doctor' it. She does it by eye...which doesn't exactly help me figure out the salt and whey amount...but hey, I don't suppose that's any different than me eye-balling the amount of honey I put in my breads :D I mixed the stuff up with my hands--in the long run a whole lot less messy (at least for me; I can spill anything with a spoon).

I started washing up and the sink backed up. Savannah and I got that running freely again. By the way, about the time I started in on the cabbage, the sky let loose and it poured rain. It continued to rain for several hours. Once I finished cleaning up my cabbage mess, I made the bananna bread. More mess :) I took the slop out--by now it wasn't raining--and finished cleaning up the kitchen. Then I went to practice my guitar. Savannah came and we played some stuff together for bit, then I fed the critters. Nellie Gray (the gray kitten) likes to follow me around. Then was supper. Then yet another batch of dishes...and finally I packed the kraut into jars. Yehaw...was that a mess! I had to clean the kitchen up yet again. And now...I can be done for the day :)

So, Night ya'll! (Even though I'm not going to bed yet ;D)


P.S. Can you believe it? I'm actually listening to opera (which I don't usually like) on WCPE and enjoying it! Maybe because it's just background noise. Somehow I think it's Spanish--but it could be Italian--probably is at that.
10/7/2012 10:07:35 pm

Must have been Thursday-opera night...

Kraut--about 1 heaping tablespoon of salt per medium sized head and 4 tablespoons of whey. (you an always use excess whey) If you go by taste it needs to be salty to taste-too salty for your normal taste cut not so salty that you can't eat it. After the fermentation process the saltiness decrees.

I always thought it was funny that that side of the family mowed the grass when it was wet and so I find it amusing that our dear aunt would tell you that...."Do as I say, not as I do"....(so they actually do know better, they are just impatient!!)


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