Grandpa was out of his mind. He was talking at 90 miles an hour (unusual for him) and was confusing reality with things he was seeing.

Daddy called right after church was over (he'd taken Grandma down to the hospital) and told us that we were probably losing Grandpa. We left immediately after some of us (Katherine and I) scarfed down some lunch. As many of you know, we go to church an hour and a half away. It took us two hours to get to the hospital because it is about 30 minutes from where we live. (The local hospital stinks. No one goes there unless they can help it.)

Anyway, when we got there, Grandpa was talking and he never let up the entire time we were there. I massaged his tummy for at least an hour. The massage was intended to help push the gas out of his insides. I don't know if I did any good but I stood there and rubbed :)

When dealing with a person who is sundowning, you must play along with them. Pretend that you can see whatever it is that they imgine they see. I got told yesterday that I wasn't a genuis or super-smart (suprise!). Poor Grandpa didn't know what on earth he was talking about and he didn't mean some of what he said. I got to laugh with him over silly stuff...that made it all worth it.

At one point he had to unrinate and I asked my uncle if he'd hold the jug. I've never done that part of the process before and I didn't see why with two men in the room I ought to have to. I would have if one of the uncle's hadn't done it. I found it interesting that the uncle who hates hospitals (and I think is terrified of old age and death) was the one who got up and held the jug.

Grandpa has an infection in his lungs, the obstuction in his bowel is still there, and they continue to pump his stomach. Mama and Daddy were to have a meeting with hospice people at 1:00. I have no idea how that went, but I will find out when they come home.


...I got my 'interview' with Mr. Hendry transcibed. (Did that take long enough or what?!) I rather hope that when we shoot the real interview that he won't say 'um' quite so much. The man certainly has an interesting voice and way of speaking, so I trust it won't be boring.

And now I'm ready for my supper...seee ya!


4/9/2012 11:32:57 am

I appreciate being able to read how things are going with you all. We were greatly concerned when the family had to leave church and have been praying for Grandpa Snow and you all. Let us know if there is anything at all that we can do.
Much love, Kerry

4/10/2012 02:56:37 am

Hope everything is going well.

Glad you got the interview transcribed!

Love you!


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