Saving the Titanic is docu-drama by Tile Film Productions, a Irish production company. It tells the "untold story of the self sacrifice and dignity of the ship's engineers, stokers and firemen in the face of impending death".

From an artisitic viewpoint it was very well done. The CGI’s were awesome (in my opinion; I’m no expert, you know.) The shots of the 'Titanic' sailing along the ocean were particularly impressive.

The acting was quite good, but since they are Irish there were a few spots where I missed the dialogue :) However, no matter my American ear, the lines were delivered naturally and it was so realistic that I found myself (mentally at least) encouraging and praising the men at their work. 
The information was presented clearly; the design of the ship--why she was supposed to be unsinkable and why she did sink. I found it fasinating that you got that from the actor protraying the designer himself. 

There was just a tiny feeling of having missed something, but I think that is mainly due to the fact that I was watching the 52-minute TV version. They also made a 90-minute feature which probably would have filled in those gaps I thought I detected. 

You also get a touch of the horror and fear that they must have felt, mucking around in the water stoking the engines and knowing that in all likelihood, they weren’t going to make it out.

The Worldview: I think I'd have to watch it again (which I would willingly!) to really be able to speak to this. However, it seemed to me to be fairly straight-forward history. I did not get any of that revisionist history stuff that made the rich men on board out to be cowards. But due to the nature of the movie, there wasn't really a place for that, even if the filmmakers hold that position (though honestly, I don't see how one could hold that view with a clear conscience when all the accounts point otherwise.)

Saving the Titanic…I’d defintely watch it again. 5-stars.


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