What? I haven't posted since Monday?? Gracious. Please forgive me...

Tuesday we went to visit cousin Butch. That was fun and Granddaddy even said he'd do it again sometime! That was kind of unexpected because it's a good long haul to Butch's.

This afternoon, I watched an old 1944 movie called "The White Cliffs of Dover" (I wasn't feeling so great). I don't think you could exactly classify it as a war movie or really a romance. It was a Drama more than anything about a woman who loses her husband in WWI and her son in WWII. It was fairly good and it made me cry. I had a feeling the young man was going to die--but what really made me cry was the final sentiment (it was reapeated I think three times, but not unnaturally so), "We must never break faith with our dead again." THAT is what made me weep. For, almost 70 years later, that is what we (our nations--both English and American), have done. We have broken faith with those dead, dying to keep us from the grips of communistic, socialist, facist governments. We have fallen prey to the very clutches they DIED to keep us out of. Why? Well, part of the blame can be laid on them (that pains me to say that--I hate saying anything bad about my beloved WWII vets!), but it goes even further back--to their parents who let things slip. The acedemia also is greatly to blame and I don't know who's fault it is that no one noticed or took it seriously.

I finished the movie and had a little cry...not just over the sadness of the tale (it actually ended on a hopeful note even as the boy dies) but over the state of our land and how it must grieve those veterans still alive who are truely aware of what is going on now. Sometimes I wonder if I'm too strongly patriotic. Anything and everything that messes with my country infuriates and/or saddens me.

Anyway, now that I got that out of my system... :) Have a lovely evening!


So, I really went crazy this morning. I did one of my spur of the moment projects. I sound so-so...but the point isn't to wow people with my etheral tones. Instead, the point is to show how one little girl loves her veterans. This tribute is especially dedicated to the men who were at Pearl Harbor seventy-one years ago today.