I hope that the ending wasn't too abrupt. I also hope that you enjoyed the story as much as I enjoyed writing it. I willingly acknowledge that it probably lacks in historical acuracy in a few places and if I ever attempt to turn it into a screenplay that I would certainly go back and do some research :D

Do you have any thoughts (positive or negative) as to how I write or on the story itself in general? I know my spelling isn't the greatest, so I thank everyone who pointed out the misspelled words.

Now...just for fun...can you guess at which point in the story I had tears streaming down my face as I scribbled in my book? (I'm such a sop sometimes :D)



07/15/2013 4:25pm

I think you should make it into a screenplay! I would certainly watch it. :)

I really like your writing style, personally. It's very intriguing.

And about the tears... hm... the very end? ;)


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    A Gray Kepi

    I saw the opening scene for this story in my head and I knew that I had to finish it. I wrote it over several days. Some of it won't be as intersting or as polished as others.  I even teared up while writing it...but I won't say where.

    The War Between the States and Southern Reconstruction are a period of history that hold a great deal of interest for me. I hope that all my facts are historically accurate. (I rather suspect that as I type it up I shall do some fact checking...)

    Perhaps some day I may be able to turn this into a screenplay...but for right now, I will just post it in sections, or 'parts'. Some will be longer and some will be shorter. And so, without any further ado, here is "A Gray Kepi"