This past week has been filled with sewing adventures....Savannah tried her hand at millinery for the first time and I think the results were pretty spectacular! I made a bodice to go with my already extant skirt. I had to sew that ribbon on twice and it still isn't as nice as I'd like. Worse yet was the hooks and eyes :{ I hate sewing them on. I ended up using several snaps to hold the hooks and eyes closed.
You can't really tell here, but I sewed the hooks and eyes on with white thread. It really looked pretty awful and Mama suggested that I take a blue sharpie and color the thread. I did and it really helped! (This picture would have come out better if I hadn't had my arms behind my back--but I was trying to mask the fact that my lower sleeves still needed wrist closers!)
NOW...for the bonnet!!
This is what it started out as--just a horrid floppy hat. (Say, how'd you like my apron?)
And....just a couple more random pictures of my outfit....I obviously forgot all about my collar...but that's okay. It isn't 100% necessary :D
Savannah's bonnet and outfit. She's wearing one of my favorite's almost too small on me, but I'm too selfish to go ahead and give it to her. (Besides, it's a bit large on her. :D)
I hope you enjoyed this motley group of pictures....embeding them from the skydrive isn't as clear as if I took them full-size and then shrunk them in Photoshop--but this sure is faster and takes up less hard-drive space.



10/15/2012 07:42:58 am

Beautiful ladies, beautiful!!


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