This is the first time I've attempted to join in on anything like this...but I think it's fun!
1. What word are you totally loving at the moment? Chocolate...

2. Any tv shows/movies you are excited for this fall? The next seasons of NCIS and NCIS:LA.

3. Anything that symbolizes something to you? The Confederate Flag symbolizes my heritage and freedom.

4. Two favorite songs at the moment? The usuals--A Mighty Fortress and Dixie :)

5. If there was suddenly a world taker over by an evil dictator what would you do? God willing I would fight.

6. What is your favorite summer activity? I have no idea. Living, I guess.

7. What has been your favorite summer vacation? It's been so long, I can't remember.

8. If you received an unlimited shopping spree to any store, what store would it be for? Goodwill?

9. What is your favorite summertime food? What makes it summertime food? I just like food :)

10. What is your favorite summertime movie? Likewise, what makes it just a summertime movie? I don't have a favorite film anyway...

Hope that gives some amusement :) Now I have to take care of my morning duties--the animals are probably waiting on me...


Sandra Sullivan
7/24/2012 14:06:03

This did make me laugh! My top favorite answers #4 and #8. This is a good example of contrasts in worldviews. The questions of one worldview and the answers another entirely. Racheal you crack me up!! Love you!

7/25/2012 03:51:11

Well...they are my favorite songs (among other favorites :) )...and I don't really like 'malling' so I picked my favorite store ;) Glad it made you laugh! Love you too!


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