This is just a quickie...Tomorrow is my interview with Mr. Arthur. I will try to get some stills up shortly after the event.

I have had another gentleman agree to an interview--this time Commander Hill of the SCV. We still have yet to work the details out, but I have suggested next Wednesday for the interview. By that point I ought to have Mr. Arthur's interview transcribed :)

Mr. J. Frank (the younger Mr. Frank...if referring to his papa I will say Mr. W. Frank) called me on Sunday to let me know that he had contacted to gents and said he would text me their phone numbers....he hasn't done it yet, but I think he is probably covered up. Still, I'm thinking about shooting him an e-mail.

On the Fourth of July we filmed our program...but the mic quit working during it and I didn't realize it til I put the footage on the computer. Anyway, I tested the mic this morning (I was supposed to do it on Monday!) and it worked. I think I must have bumped a setting when I moved the camera and tripod on the 4th. From now on I will pay better attention to such details...

I am throughly convinced that I want to and am planning on attending the Brooksville Raid reenactment in January. The consequence of that is the extending of my deadline (which was September 1st) and not entering in the 2013 SAICFF (which was a goal). Anyway, I think that it will be better with the reenactment footage. There will have to be some talking with J. Frank about this...he said he could get us in on the opposite side of the spectators--and if I filmed mulitple days I could get shots from different angles and such that might be great. But since I'm in no way familiar with the lay of land I can't really be sure of anything :)

I need a bigger calender--and a 2013 one to boot!!


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