Okay, so 'razy' isn't a word...but it suits. I started the day out, after briefly peeking at my e-mail and Google+ page, by demanding the "five-pounds" of keys from Savannah. She willingly handed them over to me and I headed out on the first part of my day. After, that is, I fed the critters.

I hopped in the pick-up and took off across the creek. I would have preped to mow, only I had a chiropractor's appointment at 3, so I wouldn't have had time to mow. As is, I decended upon the pole shed and located the trailer I was in search of--behind a couple slabs of sheetrock (which is molding by the way). I moved the sheetrock, glared at the screws holding the licence plate on, and headed off to unlock the barn. After poking around in there, only finding a flat head screwdriver (I needed a phillips), I suddenly slapped myself (figuratively). I should have started in the house!  I know where to find a screwdriver in there! Within minutes, I had a screwdriver safely between my fingers and after just a few more minutes, I had the licence plate removed and tossed in the truck. I returned the screwdriver to the house, talking to the cows at the same time. They were up bawling something crazy--the reason being last time I was over there I gave them pellets....

I took off for Smiths. I walked in an asked the owner's son about the electric fence boxes and he led me to them. I got a different kind that what usually is used...it was $3 cheaper and he said basically if it quits you just get another in exchange. I'm wondering if I shouldn't have gone with the old kind...at least I could test it with the PVC pile pole... I also got four more bags of mineral.

On my way home, I decided to swing by Wally-world and see about getting wiring for the truck. As I was standing there, I suddenly realized, "I should have looked at the connection on the pop-up!" Brilliant...I returned to our place, looked at the wiring, called Daddy, got some instructions, called Savannah to tell her I was going back to town, and then went to Auto-Zone. I had to get help there too...I was looking at wiring, but none of the trailer "piggy-tails". They were all the way in the back of the store! Obviously, I don't know how auto-parts stores are set-up :)

I came home and started putting mineral out. I decided on the spur of the moment to go ahead and attempt to rotate the cows. All went well, until I came back the second time to try to push the few remaining cows out. Great...I got my truck stuck in the beautiful loamy dirt under the oaks!! I spun and spun and thought I was going to get out and didn't. Then Savannah came out to tell me lunch was ready. We walked the last half dozen cows to the gate. Then we went in for lunch.

After lunch, I had about 35 minutes before I had to come in and get cleaned up so I could go to my chiropractor appointment. First, I hooked up the new electric fence box and then headed out to try again to get the truck unstuck. I used a couple boards, but still couldn't get it out. Granddaddy came out and hollered at me to get the tractor. I told him I'd go get Savannah to help me (because I think he was going to try walking out there--with his balance he has no business walking through that rutted pasture--even with the walker), so he went back in. I got my ear-plugs (I won't run the tractor without them) and started the thing up. I didn't take the bush-hog off; the chains were long enough to go under it. We got the truck hooked up and in seconds the truck was free. Believe me, I don't think I'll be taking the truck through that particular area again anytime soon....

I put the tractor away and came in to shower. By that point I needed it. My arms were orange from the rust on the chains and I had some on my face. I also had dirt all over me...the dent in my chin was definitely more pronounced :D

Soon I was driving down the road headed for P. C. I arrived at the chiropractor's to find the office locked up and Dr. K.'s car not there--the note on the door said "@ lunch; will be back at 1:30". At this point it was practically 3:00.

While I was standing there wondering what to do, an older gentleman pulled up and got out of his car. I figured I might as well pass my observations on to him. So I walked over and we started talking. He thought I was 28. I told him my actual age and remarked that people always seem to think I'm either 18 or 25. Then he asked me a question..."Your young and your female...would you mind telling me what you think about the elections?" I think I grinned. I do know I rubbed my palms on my pants. Then I stated my views, "I don't really like either candidate, but I'm voting for Romney." His smile got wider and he said, "Thank-you."

I thought that was kind of neat.

Shortly thereafter, one of the ladies who works at the place showed up. So, both the old gentleman and I got our chiropractoring afterall :)

From there I bounced over to the health food store to get Savannah some more brewer's yeast (I HATE that stuff...); then I came home.

Now I'm ready for supper :)


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