First....for the first time in months I have added a review. This time it is on Nathan Bedford Forrest's Redemption. It's a bit more clunky than usual...I had difficulty in writing it.

Second...if you haven't noticed, along the top bar there is a new heading, James and Burke. I finally came up with the name for my Western serial idea and figured I might actually get a better grasp on it by changing it out of script format and writing in up as a story. So...take a stab at it and let me know what you think. (Read the side bar!!) The plan is to post a new episode every Monday (since that's my usual slow day it will probably be more likely to get done--besides the fact that I usually feel rather creative [writing-wise] when somewhat tired.) The main exception to the rule will of course be Mondays after reenactments...then I'll be writing reenactment recaps. :D

Third....wait! There is no third announcement...unless it's to say I got the Christmas tree up on Monday evening. ;)

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