I have seen our elusive calf!! It is a heifer...a little tiny, white heifer with faint carmel colored spots. As she gets older she will get a little more buff in color.

I went over to our place to open up the honey house and empty the trash-can we put under the leak (that can was almost half full!). Savannah had told me to air the house too, but I though it was still dryer inside the house, so I didn't do that. I did gather some stuff for my 4th of July costume (we are having a party!!). After I opened the honey house I went and sat on the back of the truck and read a lovely epistle that I got in the mail. I giggled over some things, grinned over others, and got that stinker look in my eye at other points. When I was done reading it I closed the honey house back up and left.

At some point this afternoon I went out under the trees and practiced the Declaration of Independence. I went through it twice--the second time through I got all kinds of ant bites on my feet. Boy, was I itchy! Another couple of days, and I think I can pass the book off to Savannah. I will certainly still need prompting, but I'm already using it as a crutch in some places. I have done enough public speaking to know when to pitch the script and have someone prompt--you actually get stuff memorized better that way I think. (I will be quite honest, I have to work on the pronunciation of some of those words--like 'magnanimity'. *grin*)

I made the fish-cakes for supper (they were pretty good, if I do say so myself)...but that just sounds like bragging :)


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