When I rolled out of bed this morning, I had yet to decide whether I was going to go to the feed stores or work on the fence first. Staring out the window at the overcast sky, I figured I had better go check the weather. I did so and after noting that it wasn't supposed to rain (even though it sure looked like it!), I figured I would go to the feed stores first. As it is, I think it was a wise choice.

I thereby finished my breakfast and headed out sometime around 9. I went to Bryan's first to get horse feed and a bale of horse hay. I wasn't backed up too close when the Mexican guy who works at Bryan's went to get the hay. I saw him size up the gap, then he tossed the bale of hay. It landed solidly in the middle of the bed! I was pretty impressed...I think he could tell because he smiled a bit bigger than usual when we vocalized our mutual 'thank-yous'. I wouldn't have been near as impressed if he were a 6' something with broad shoulders. But he's a little guy (most of the Mexican's are), not much taller than me. He certainly is a lot stronger.

From there I went over to Smith's. The rather large gentleman I've seen once before was running the register. We had a friendly little go-round before we got straight on which kind of pellets I wanted. In other words, I didn't know (remember from now on--it's 14%!), and neither did he...so he ended up calling over to the Mexican guy who works at Smith's  (I don't like him near as much as I do the one who works at Bryan's--he seems almost sullen half the time), who told him what I get. Having gotten that straightened out, I drove round to the back, where Drummer Dude was on his way with a slow stroll to the front of the barn. He seemed more tired that usual because he wasn't as perky as normal. Soon, he and "Frayed Hat" (who didn't have on a frayed hat today! Perhaps I ought to call him Redneck 3 instead), and a third guy--I forget who it was--had my 16 sacks of pellets and 4 mineral bag loaded. I had already hopped in and rearranged the horse feed before the got there with my stuff.

From there I went to our place, unloaded 4 of the bags of pellets, opened one and dumped half of it in a bucket. I then went and trolled that along the fence line for the cows (who weren't up). I'm sure they have eaten it by now.

I then came on back, unloaded the remaining 12 bags of pellets, and put the mineral out. Once finished with that, I backed up in front of the barn. I popped the hood on the pick-up because I was hearing something. You can just imagine my surprise when as soon as the hood was up, something small and gray streaked out of there like it was posessed! Of course, if I had been riding around in a hot engine all morning, I think too would have streaked out of there as fast as that poor little squirrel did!!  (By the way, the noise I was hearing had nothing to do with the squirrel--I suspect--but need to discuss it with Daddy--that it might need some power steering fluid. I have no idea how to check that or put any in.)

I came in and after a bit we had lunch. After lunch, I drank my coffee and put Episode 6 of James and Burke up. Then I washed the dishes. During lunch I was beginning to wonder if I was even going to bother working on the fence. I felt totally do-less. However, by the time I was finished with my normal after lunch activities, I felt like I could do something. So, I went out and headed down the pasture towards the road. I had determined that I was going to start work down at the corner by the road. After all, the corner post was broken off and some wire was down by the road--not particularly ideal--especially with Bad Child on the loose....

I think that corner took me longer than the rest of what I did combined. First I had to remove a total of eight wires. For most of these, that meant removing staples. Then I had to dig a post hole--over tree roots. Nae sae gran...

After that I put the post in and tried to do an extra good job of packing it in. Then I had to stretch those eight wires again...pound staples...twist wire...I managed to rip my pants twice. Oh well, better my britches than my legs! I stopped at least twice to get something to drink--even though it wasn't hot at all today. (I got my cardio for the day!)

Anyway, the end result is a corner that looks decent. I then went up the fence along the driveway and replaced a post, stretched a little more wire, and fixed a break. I suppose Bad Child will go through my repaired fence tomorrow...

I did not get the breaks around the yard mended. It was getting on towards five (feeding time for three species) and I knew I wouldn't get done, so I didn't even start. I'd rather do that all in one piece. I unloaded my tools and loaded two bags of feed, poked into the house--after chasing "Jabo" out of the yard (I yell at him like I'm going to eat him alive or something--no wonder he's so terrified of me!) Moon-bat gave me something of an interesting expression about the whole thing.

Anyhow, I poked into the house to ask Savannah to come drive for me. She was listening to a sermon and I don't think she realized that it was about five, because she asked kind of surprised like, "You are going to feed the cows already?" (Me: "Uh...yeah...It's almost five!")

I had the pleasure of wacking Moon-bat a-tween the eyes with a piece of PVC this evening. She was horning at both the truck and sack. You just have to dominate that animal and PLEASE don't ever let on you're afraid of her...I think critters have a way of knowing that.

Then--I got to come in and clean up. Then SUPPER!! Immediately followed by those ever present dirty dishes. I'm grateful that our dishes get dirty though--it means we have food to eat! Most important--particularly for this kiddo....I have to eat or I get completely stupid (some of ya'll know that from first hand exprience), the eyes glaze and I can't even talk straight. :D (At least I don't loose my temper quite as much as I used to...) 

Anyway, now that I have bored you with my overcast, yet seemingly but busy day, I'll bid ye all a fond "Good-night!"


P.S. That title doesn't exactly fit, does it?
1/7/2013 15:28:48

I like Redneck 3!!! I laughed so hard over that one....much better than Frayed Hat....


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