Greetings from a wet day--it's been threatening this all day long but it finally broke and the sky is weeping large drops. It's also growling a bit. I'm sure glad I got home when I did--for two reasons 1) I had mineral and feed (in paper sacks) in the bed of the pick-up and 2) the windshield wipers don't work well.

I struck out after lunch, coffee, and dishes to do my errands. I needed to get mineral last week, but I didn't feel good. Anyway, I took off with my Baroque happily playing in the CD player. I like that CD; so far I haven't had any inclination to change it. I first stopped at Bryan's. I think the man who put the feed in the bed of the truck was new. The other one I knew. After purchasing my horse-feed and bouncing back into the truck I headed for Smith's. As I pulled out of the drive way onto "11th" street, my cell-phone got slung from where I had it set and ended up under my feet. Oh, well. It stayed there until I got to Smith's--I wasn't about to have a wreck simply to have my cell-phone within reach!

At Smith's I marched in, petted a big mutt (I like mutt's; the bigger the better :D), stepped up to the counter and nonchalantly order "8 bags of mineral and 1 sack of pellets". By now, the folks at Smith's know to put it on Granddaddy's tab. He has got a running credit line there. (It's really quite funny, but the last couple times I've been to Smith's I've checked the mail on the way out and found the bill from my last trip in the box!)

I drove around back and 'Drummer-boy' and 'Sandy' (previously known in these posts as Redneck 2) loaded my truck. I was kind of sorry that the 'Ol Man' wasn't there--I like him the best and he usually asks me how Granddaddy is doing.

I got an extra half-bag of mineral for free because it had been ripped. Shaw! I could tell the truck was loaded when I went to pull out of there! I calculated up the extra weight sitting at the stoplight--about 575 pounds. (100 lb.s of horse feed, 50 lb.s of pellets, and approx. 425 lb.s of mineral.) See, I can do some math in my head! I even used multiple functions...multiplication, addition, and subtraction! ;D (Okay, enough patting myself on the back...)

I got home, put a sack of mineral in Snip's tub, and then in the cow's tubs. Three sack per last's a tad longer if I do three sacks per tub rather than just two. The other bag is currently sitting on the golf in the garage with the pellets on top of it--it is intended for my cows. We were going to try and worm them today (they desperately need it!) but I don't know if we'll get to that today. It rather depends on the weather.

As it is, I'm in need of my first afternoon snack--I'll probably have a bowl of cole slaw...I made lunch today and cole slaw was one of the main features. Along with chicken breasts cooked in a skillet with onions and left over peas. It wasn't bad if I do say so myself.


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